// INTO THE LOOKING GLASS is all about reflection...it's about looking into the past while stepping into the future; it's about contemplation of ourselves and contemplation of those around us. It is our most personal record to date and reflects the sentiments of our experiences both sonically and lyrically. From driving electric guitar and percussion to lighthearted ukulele, this is music about growing, learning, and being ourselves...and the end result is some of our favorite songs we have written thus far. //

This album feels especially significant for these two troubadours. We've covered a lot of ground to get to the this point...both literally and figuratively. We are truly excited to share our musical progression with you. And with that, we invite you to step "Into the Looking Glass" with us!

Love & Music,

Cie and Karisa

Download "Into the Looking Glass" Digitally  HERE

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