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Outfitted with an array of instruments, You Knew Me When is a husband and wife indie folk-rock duo with a full band sound. Based in Ouray, CO, by way of Nashville, TN, Cie and Karisa Hoover uprooted from their home and full-time jobs in June of 2012 and set plans to tour the nation for a full year...however, they never stopped. Since that time they have served up an array of craft brewed compositions coast to coast, as well as releasing their first studio album “You, Me, and the Rest of the World” in late 2012, and "We Found Roads" in 2014. Many miles and memories later, the duo have relased their third studio album “Into the Looking Glass”. The album is a culmination of mile-markers and moments derived from giving up everything and finding new paths together // Available via, iTunes, and other online retailers.

The Music of You Knew Me When parades between a fusion of progressive indie-rock and folk compositions all infused with a myriad of pulsing and stirring beats. WRNC Radio stated, ““There is such a natural talent to You Know Me When and for the first time in quite awhile it may be a sound that is truly unique, or at least different in these musical times.” While blending their vocals, Karisa, who previously served as a tenured Nashville Public School music teacher and who no serves as the Music Teacher at Ouray School, provides the piano, ukulele, glockenspiel, and percussion, as Cie, who spent several years as the Global Events Production Manager for Gibson Guitar, supplies the guitar and other rhythmic nuances. The cumulative result is a musical style that blends a singer-songwriter soul with a rock n' roll mentality.

The foundations of You Knew Me When are rooted in Nashville, Tennessee, and while both Cie and Karisa originally went to Nashville to pursue various music endeavors, it took the husband and wife nearly a decade to create music together as a united pair. In their early years as a couple Cie could predominantly be found in within the hard-rock scene, while Karisa could be found more often in vocal seminars and music education workshops, and it wasn't until mid 2009 when the two began writing music together. It was from that point on that the two began melding their life partnership into the musical partnership known as You Knew Me When.

You Knew Me When’s 2017 release “Into The Looking Glass” is the duo’s third studio album. At times upbeat and folksy, at times brooding and reflective, the album aims at introspection for the couple’s continued journey while sharing experiences gained from over five years of nonstop touring. Physical and digital copies of You Knew Me When’s albums are available at The albums are also available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online music stores. Listen to You Knew Me When online via Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Music, and other online radio sources.

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